Writing a good feature request

(Before starting here, do you know How this Wishlist works? )

This is how you draft a good wish.

  • One wish at a time. Don’t mix multiple wishes. You can submit as many wishes as you want.
  • Aim for a self-explanatory title.
  • Follow the template provided.
  • Use plain English and be concise.
  • You are drafting a community wish, not a personal wish. Refer to the user and not to yourself. Use neutral descriptions, not rants.
  • Focus on what you wish to achieve, not on how to implement your wish.
  • If available, it’s always useful to add screenshots, diagrams, links to documentation or videos (including those of other products) to illustrate your wish.
  • Add two tags, one for the product and one for the main feature.

:information_source: Note: wishes are editable by others, it’s a living document, wiki-style. All improvements are welcome.

Review and publication on the Wishlist

All drafts are reviewed by the moderators and administrators. Their goal is to avoid incomplete proposals, duplicates, typos, broken links… They also check that the community guidelines are followed.

Moderators might leave time for other contributors to comment. The goal is that the review of a draft is completed after a week or so.

After a draft is moved to the Wishlist, it is still possible to improve it wiki-style and to discuss it.