More grains in granular mode on the Mini

Loving my new Tracker Mini, and given the more powerful processor, I’d love to have more grains in granular mode. Even 2 or 3 would be an immense improvement.

Sounds like a good wish. See Writing a good feature request. but what I would recommend now is copy and pasting multipe instruments of the same granular engine, tweaking the position of the grain, size, envelopes etc and playing these multiple instruements back in a seperate track and rendering and loading that into an instrument.

It is kind of like having endless granular options and you can get some really interesting sounds this way you wouldn’t get by just adding a few more grains.


Here’s a great video tutorial detailing the process that @Mitch described above. A must watch if you use the granular engine often.


Thanks, great video! This takes it a step further than my suggestion.

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