Keytracking as mod source for instrument envelopes

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What is the problem? No key tracking for instrument envelope parameters

What do you want to achieve? Please can we get key tracking for instrument pages so that for example filter envelope depth can be affected by note tracking. This could maybe be a slider on the envelope pages to allow this mod source to affect depth of the envelope, main depth slider could be set as a centre offset point

Are there any workarounds? No not available as a modsource

Any links to related discussions? Not sure

Any references to other products? No

I’d already made a post for this. Not sure if it can be edited to include the additional functionality you’re suggesting?

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Thanks sorry didn’t see this one, I guess I was just proposing how it would appear within the instrument pages so maybe can close this and see what Polyend come up with. Will add my request as a comment. Cheers