Internal midi fx routing

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What is the problem?

Cannot automate various instrument parameters

What do you want to achieve?

Option which maps a midi cc FX to an internal track (rather than external midi)

Are there any workarounds?

Physically route midi out to in, synth mode

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Image a new option in Config which marks a tracks midi FX as routing to internal midi channels. This would give automation for nearly all instrument parameters for “free” - no need to individually add or worry about internal data structure space to store all the possible values.

Is this wish for the Play or the Tracker. I’m assuming the Tracker?

ah yes, Tracker. Sorry about that!

Thanks! Ok i think i understand what you are trying to achieve here. But i don’t think it works the way you imagine it to.

If i understand you right, you would like to loopback the midi cc FX back into the the tracker to affect each individual track and whatever instrument is played there.

First of all, you can’t guarantee that a single instrument is played on one track, you could mix X number of instruments into an individual track, which could lead to possible issues with this.

Also synth mode works completely separate from the regular playback mode as far as i understand it, so parameters that are accessible there, may not be accessible in regular playback mode.

I think it would be easier if you could make individual wishes for instrument parameters that you would like to see implemented via step fx or that you feel are still missing.

I was afraid this might be the major obstacle.