Playhead position indicator


Just got the Play! I’m really enjoying the workflow as it’s the most intuitive groovebox that I ever played with, nonetheless I’ve got a question.

When a pattern longer than 16 steps is playing, is there a way to know in which page the playhead is currently at? For example, the Elektron boxes have 4 LEDs letting you know where the playhead is (page 1,2,3 and 4). On the Play, since every track can have it’s own play speed, when you press shift maybe it would be cool to have some visual feedback on the track page buttons to know the playhead position of each track.

I hope I’ve explained well enough.


The screen will indicate the current pattern play-through on the bar above the play/stop button. This is good for timing effects, transitions and pattern changes. However there isn’t an indicator for each individual track.

You are welcome to submit a feature request draft for the wishlist. Just read how to write a feature request before posting please - Writing a good feature request