Sinus Waveform and non fixed LFO Rates

Hey Team,
thanks for the opportunity to give our wishes here. :heart:
Im sorry If it is already in the Cue.
But I wanted to say, that

  • Sinus LFO´s and non Fixes LFO rates (milliseconds) would be nice.

  • Also more options fore Setting LFOs on different Parameters.

That would make a such huge difference.

Greetz and Thanks

Describe the improvement here, in one paragraph. Then fill the sections below.

What is the problem?

The Waveforms and Routings could be more powerfull with simple tweaks

What do you want to achieve?

More musical possibilities and Sound Design improvements

Are there any workarounds?

not really

Any links to related discussions?

not any that I found in the search function

Any references to other products?

List of LFO Waveforms in a other Product

Hey @mamori93, may i ask you to follow the guidelines on how to write a good feature request?
I’ve edited the request to include the default template, which is mandatory to fill out.

Thank you :heart:


Hey @mamori93 , there a quite a few similar wishes. Please check those out and update this wish so it doesn’t clash with the existing wishes:

Hey @mamori93, did you have the time to check the links i mentioned in the previous post? Thanks for a quick update :blush:

I will auto-close this request within the coming days, since there hasn’t been any feedback within the last 8 days.
I’m of course ready to open this up again if discussion picks up again :blush:

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