How do you combine Play and Tracker?

I like making a beat on the Play and resampling it on the Tracker. I use trackers effects, particularly the roll for fun glitchy variations. Then I’ll let them play off each other and switch between the two with mutes.


One feature we’d like to test in the future is sending and receiving some information (universal MIDI PC or Polyend-specific Sysex) to sync up the patterns. So if Play switches to pattern no. 4, Tracker does the same. I can see all sorts of joint ventures (Tracker-Tracker, Play-Play, Tracker-Play).


A Smart and useful way to use the Midi connection between
Play and Tracker is to use as a sample in the tracker an instrument collection or just a sliced beat.

  1. In the Tracker use the SAMPLE PLAYBACK mode and select Beat Slice.

  2. PLAY: use the MIDI tracks, then VIEW and find the sounds on the yellow keyboard.

  3. Enjoy! Now you can use the Play as a multi-Midi or polyMidi gear.

I did a video for instagram. Please find it here:


I LOVE this idea. Can the tracker currently accept external pattern change requests?

No, not yet. We’ll try it out (someday).

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FWIW I’d love to see more videos on how people are using their Trackers and Plays together. I keep searching YouTube but I don’t seem to find much. I’ve a feeling there’s a LOT that I’m missing on what’s possible.


Awesome! Also the option to send a reset command from Tracker to Play would be very useful, especially when Play has a polymetric pattern going on

@nikop see this related discussion: Program position jump inside Tracker pattern tracks.

Thank you. That’s not the same thing though. I was thinking of a MIDI reset message (that falls into the system realtime messages category) that would be send or received from both devices. The point is to send a reset command from one device to another.

I’ve had my Tracker since June of 2021 and am about to order a Play. I can’t wait to combine them. I don’t know anything about the Play or how it works but I know the Tracker inside and out. I was debating getting another op-z since I kind of miss mine but I’m going to go for the Play and learn something new. Plus I think it looks like a nice setup, especially both devices being from the same company. I have a Hologram Microcosm I might throw in the mix and was thinking about also purchasing a Red Panda Tensor. I think between those devices, I can make some glitchy, far out music. What do you guys think?

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Sorry, my bad! In any case, if you miss anything on the Tracker, you are encouraged to check the community Wishlist, and if it’s missing, you can propose it. See Writing a good feature request.

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Hi folks! after messing with the play for a few weeks i have decided to start experimenting with both play and tracker… here is my newbe question using both: is there any way to select different instruments from the tracker using the play? i have tried with changing the channel(1-16) and/or the Program parameters on the play, but i keep hearing always the same intruments played on the tracker. If i beatslide an instrument on the tracker i’m able to play different parts of it from the play selecting a different note, as suggested by @acaposotta (thanks for sharing) and indeed i can still edit note, reverb and so on from the play… yes, i’ve set all the MIDI out options on the play to map cc for the tracker… but i’m sure i’m missing something here. Can you give me any hint? thanks a lot!

UPDATE: even using the Tracker screen as describer here (midi Sinth mode): does not allow me to change the instrument when sequencing on the play, i can only change insturment by selecting it on the tracker Instruement Parameter screen, but that change affects all 8 tracks on the play…

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Hi SceriffoRosso.

If I’m not wrong the result you would like to get is the sacred grail (at least for me) of polymidi on the tracker.

I think its very difficult to come to this, in fact also powerful machines like AKAI MPC Live do not have this function (I know since I have got an MPC LIVE).

One thing that could speed up your workflow: as I shared previously put the instrument in BEAT SLICE MODE, then on the Play go to VIEW and to avoid to click on any pad to discover the sample use the NOTE Knob on the play to scroll all over them.
Hope it helps. Ciao !

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Which one one makes a better master clock in a setup typically? I currently have Play as Master and Tracker as one of the slaves but the Tracker seems to drift out of sync regularly.

I wish samples could be sent over midi to the Play. That would make the partnership more interesting.

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MIDI is just data(what note/how long/velocity/etc). It doesn’t/can’t transmit audio information.

I’ve used midi to transfer sample data on many devices. It can be slow, but the convenience of it might be worth it.

@RealTinyPenguin do you mean Audio steps playable via MIDI ?

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I totally agree @RealTinyPenguin. Since Play can’t sample, it would be awesome to able to shoot samples from Tracker to Play somehow (Play is my preferred machine to work on). That would eliminate the need to swap SD cards in and out.