How this Wishlist works

Vote, propose and discuss new features and improvements.

The Polyend team invites community members to propose and vote on wishes for our roadmap. We welcome wishes about our products, our website, this community space, and anything we do. See Writing a good feature request for more details.

We develop our products following our vision and gathering feedback in many ways. This Wishlist is an important source of feedback but not the only one. Your votes help drive our attention but don’t dictate our roadmap.

With this important point understood, we hope you enjoy contributing to the Wishlist!

  • Everyone can vote up to 10 wishes. You can change your votes at any time. When a wish you have voted is archived, you get your vote back.
  • Everyone can propose new wishes. If your wish doesn’t exist yet, you can propose it. New wishes are submitted as drafts following a common template.
  • Everyone can improve wishes and comment on them. Wishes belong to the community, not to a single author, and they are editable wiki-style. Wishes can also be discussed as any other forum topic.

Good quality drafts that are technically feasible and fit the product design are moved to the #wishlist by Polyend staff. Drafts that are not accepted are moved to #wishlist:archive and tagged as declined.

Being passionate about new features is good. Being rude is not. The community guidelines apply to the Wishlist as well.

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