Play performance mode: question on presets customization

Maybe this is something i’m missing and should go back to RTFM, but worth asking before: when in performance mode we can use predefined presets for effects. I could not find a way to customize those presets (e.g. instead of having a cutoff increment of +10% i’d like to have the buttons start from 50 and increment by 5% each in the hi-pass filter). Would that be even possible?

Also, could a preset be replaced by any other effect available?

Does anyone have any experience in this and can share any hint or tips?

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Performance mode effects are not customizable. Master effects are customizable as of firmware 1.2.

A performance effect cannot be replaced by any other effect.

If you want to request this feature write a wish. I’m not one to make the call if it is technically possible, just read up how to write a feature request here before you make the request.

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It seems that the Tune FX in performance mode ignores the Scale Filter setting. Is this behavior intended?

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Yes, that is the intended (and preferred in my use cases) behavior, although I see the benefit of scale locking this as well.

Thank you! It would be nice if both settings (scale locked/chromatically) could be used.

Thanks @Mitch! I wanted to make sure there was not such option before submitting a feature request. I will follow the guide as i already did for the other wishes :slight_smile:


Do you want to submit a wish? See Writing a good feature request.

@scerifforosso has created Performance mode: customizable effect values. Thank you! Let’s continue this conversation there.

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