Exporting stills as video for tracks

Musicians active on social media would like to have a quick and easy option for making videos that incorporate their Tracker music.

To this end, it would be useful to have the option of exporting video to accompany tracks. To save on space, it could be done as still shots of the Pattern that’s playing as song mode progresses. This would provide easily shareable content for timelines. A Polyend watermark could be added for branding purposes. All this would save time on video editing.

What is the problem?

There’s no easy way to share video of exported work from the Tracker.

What do you want to achieve?

Shareable content of the music produced.

Are there any workarounds?

Filming, using third party apps, etc.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Here’s a currently possible workaround:

You can actually take screenshots from the tracker by pressing: Shift + Power Button.

This is obviously less than ideal, especially if you want every. single. step. :laughing: And you would have to convert it to a video file via ffmpeg or some other tool.

BUT, it would be possible :wink:


By “still shots” do you mean to capture the Tracker screen as is while playing a track?

Also, if this wish is technically possible at all, I guess it will capture whatever appears on the screen during the screen recording (i.e. if you go to the mixer / perform mode / pattern mode… the screen capture will follow that). Anyway, I guess that whatever is being captured will depend a lot on the performance limitations.

And a technical detail: according to Writing a good feature request we should avoid to write wishes in first person.

Would be handy for projection mapping onto my 3D Radio Noise - old school 4 tracker. Precursor to the Polyend Tracker? - YouTube. Over head cam rig is my goto atm

all i’m suggesting is a still of the pattern. no scrolling, no motion at all.

i do product development and wrote it like a user story.

by a still i mean the Pattern screen of what’s playing during that part of the the track with no scrolling or movement. as the song progresses, the current Pattern would display.

i suppose if one wanted simple scrolling then we could export the Song screen with the tapehead.

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that’s what i’d like to avoid.

Interesting, I have also worked in product development and the user story format is very useful… but not what has been agreed here, so I have edited the wish to keep the consistency with the rest of wishes.

I have also removed this bit, just in case it is not true. If someone can confirm this, then let’s ad it back:

the Dirtywave m8 may do this, but i’m not certain.

@modernfauvist Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately this is not possible due to technical reasons.


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