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Hi, Community.

Having the 1.4 around I just came across some OXI One videos. And looking at it I’ve found that our play has much more things than the OXI one, that are really useful. However, the oxi has one thing that could be very helpful to have on the play.

And that’s chord mode. I’ll use this as a reference:

With that you could have a ton of chords at your disposal to use, at least with midi. Because the keyboard or notes that we have to enter notes is really small and poor.

This could be a very useful thing for newest version, what about the play kicking out the OXI? as a groove box but also a really powerfull sequencer for any setup.

Hoping to hear from you.


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Hey @OZz , i could either convert this topic to a wish or you could start a new wish in Draft wishes . :v:

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Recycling is good, and now this topic is a draft wish. :slight_smile:

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@OZz about the wish itself, what are you missing exactly? Play users can sequence MIDI chords. The workflow is different than in the OXI but you also can assign a chord to a step and select which type of chord you want, with many selectable choices.

As it is now, this draft needs more work before it can be reviewed…

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