Discussion about drafting ‘Recursive’ Export

Hi @Ohsomacho! Thank you for contributing to this new Polyend forum. Turns out there is a new community wishlist too, it just happens that nobody has submitted wishes to it. :slight_smile: I have moved your request to the drafts catgory and I have added the template that all wishes are required to use. Even if the forum is in beta, wishes submitted will be kept for the launch.

Done - pls put it on your backlog

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Thank you! This draft looks much better now. Since we are creating a new community process, I have added the checklist at Writing a good feature request to see if this helps reviewing draft wishes.

Is “Recursive Export” self-explanatory? Technically it is, but I wonder whether everyone will understand this. Would it be correct to say that this request is about exporting audio stems for all patterns in a project?

The draft is very good already but “What do you want to achieve?” can be describe more neutrally. I’ll edit this section to remove the first person and turn questions into descriptions.

I’ll add a link to the section of the manual where the export features are explained.

Just curious, has this request been discussed elsewhere that anyone is are aware of? Have you seen other users asking for it?

Hi. Appreciate you want more detail and want users to post in a certain way, but you’re making it feel like schoolwork!

Not all users can articulate the way you want due to language skills or just lack of technical knowledge! You may want to relax your requirements if you genuinely want a good flow of suggestions

I haven’t seen this suggestion elsewhere- it’s an idea that came up while using Play.

Perhaps I misunderstand the purpose of community wishes? Doesn’t seem totally clear what you’re aiming for here though


Thank you for your patience while we try to find the best way to build this new community wishlist. Your request is now on the wishlist and it can be voted:


I get the criticism that this may feel like schoolwork, and we need to find the right balance between good quality of requests and just asking too much. The thing is, there have been at least two attempts of compiling user wishes (on GitHub and Discord) and none of them was satisfactory. This is why we are trying to put a bit of process in place. While it requires to invest more time to submit requests, hopefully the result will be worth it.