Feature request to add functionality to variations

Hey:) I have an idea that might be really cool to add to the Polyend Play.

The part of the play, I would like to make better is the variations portion within each track. One thing I was thinking is we could add a special shortcut key stroke that would allow users to take an eight track groove that they’ve already created and then use the shortcut within variations, it would add either an additive or subtractive block of variations, and maybe even some other interesting algorithms that I haven’t thought of yet to add variation ranges across the entire row of variations with one shortcut.

For example, if somebody had already created a total of eight tracks in their groove, and now they want to quickly copy and paste this groove to the first eight variations they would hold down the first variation button and then let’s say they would swipe up on more than two of the pads in any column and this would automatically put a range of variations on the first eight variation pads (row), the first track on variation one and then tracks one and two on variation two, and then tracks one two and three on variation three, and so on until we get to all eight tracks on the eighth pad.

I hope this makes sense and I look forward to hearing from you to see what you think. Have a wonderful day!

Best /// Jed from California.

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Hi @jedfriesen, welcome to Backstage! We have a community #wishlist to organize feature requests. Please have a look. You can vote for your preferred wishes and you can propose new ones. See Writing a good feature request.

There are already several wishes submitted related to variations. Maybe your wishes are already covered, even if perhaps not with the exact implementation that you are proposing?

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