Some suggestion

Hi I’m Pasquale from Italy, here some improvements I would like to have in a future upgrade:

  • a symbol that lets me know if the playchain is active or not

  • master output meter on the top bar

  • a basic sample editor with waveform display (tracker style)

  • use play button to preview samples instead of knob click
    edit: ok, i found that you can use the two left buttons instead of clicking :sweat_smile:

  • able to select multiple audio tracks and play the same sample in polyphony

-when you click the encoder on the left you can play the samples live in the sequencer, you could hold it for 5 seconds and put it in “live” mode to be able to use it as live finger drumming,
it would be stunning and unique to have 128 samples to be played (with the limit of 8 voices of course)

what do you think?

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Hey @77pask , welcome to the community! :wave: :partying_face:

If you would like to see some of these ideas come to fruition, please create an individual wish for each of your ideas here:

And please follow the guidelines:

This will encourage discussion and improvements on the initial ideas. And it helps Polyend’s Team to quickly assess the feasability of a wish. In the end - we all profit :wink:


@77pask thank you for creating these wishes:

Let’s continue the conversation there.

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