Visualization of sample clipping

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I really miss the visualization of working with the sample, and the trimming of the beginning and end.
What is on other well-known hardware samplers.
I wonder if it is possible to implement it as on the Tracker

What is the problem? When editing a sample, you need to see the waveform

What do you want to achieve? More convenient sample processing

Are there any workarounds? By ear only

Any links to related discussions? No

Any references to other products? Polyend Tracker

@dinoel.volro , can you follow the template used for all wishes, please? It helps voters and the Polyend team assess wishes consistently.

Do I need to create a new request?

You should be able to edit your initial post actually, so no need to create a new one. Just fill out the sections that are empty :blush:

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That’s what I need. I missed this discussion…

Thank you, @ambivalence. I should have remembered that.

Let’s archive this draft. New comments can be posted on Waveform view with Sample Start and End.