2new synth engines? (open source mutable instruments plaits and braids)

What is the problem?

Lack of oscillator tweaking

What should this feature achieve?

Implement the oscillators from Mutable instruments.
Braids are morphable 8 bit wave algorithms, and Plaits are more high resolution, with a low pass gate included. it can attract more people, and are already made excellent open source oscillator engines.

Are there any workarounds?



Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?


Hi @stalactite3d and welcome to the community! :partying_face:

I’ve re-added our mandatory wishlist template.
Please follow our guidelines for creating wishes and fill out remaining parts of the template to make this a complete wish.

Thank you :blush:

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Thnks! I didn’t saw the template…

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That sounds really smart if they can use already existing code to be able to add synths with less effort on their part.

Yes, and there’s a ton of models… possibilities.

that really depends on the platform and code language/base. Sometimes it is not as straightforward as one might think.

Yeah someone would need to detail what kind of things like specific programming language etc… that would help to make it easier so people can maybe find other synth engines that are available that meet that if any?

I guess Play + is coded in C++ (like mutable stuff)… It runs everywhwre, it’s just a matter of will.

I would back this, with hope this would also eventually come to the Tracker mini.

For now I posted a wish asking to bring the Play+ engines to the tracker mini :wink:


As far I have understood the Play+ Synth engines are fully developed by the Polyend team. I don’t know how much is feasible the idea to switch to “external” engines or codes… I love these two synths as well and thank you for sharing!


@stalactite3d Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t fit our current product design direction :slight_smile:


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