Third pattern repeat row in song mode

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A third row in song mode to indicate how many times the pattern plays

Are there any workarounds?

Copying the same pattern over and over

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Hey there @micahabinadimoses and welcome to the community :wave:

Quick question. You say you have to copy the same pattern… which is technically (and if i’m being precise on wording) not true.

In Song Mode you can add a slot and assign it to the same pattern, thereby repeating the pattern without having to copy said pattern once more.

Isn’t that exactly what you are looking for?
Unless you are proposing that Song Mode should work more like Song Mode on the Elektron Devices.

Meaning: that you can have one slot that can repeat until the repeat count is reached and then continue on, to the next slot.

The current way to do this is very much in-line with most oldschool tracker softwares, which is what the Polyend Trackers seems to lean towards.

Hey @micahabinadimoses , haven’t heard back from you yet, so i’m bumping you :blush:

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