Tracker Firmware 1.8.0!

Tracker firmware 1.8 is ready to go! Get faster value changes using shift + the jog wheel, name tracks & patterns, extend sample time up to 133 seconds, beta Mod file support returns, and more. Here is the full list of changes:


  • Improved Snap to zero algorithm with higher threshold to detect zero crossings (*)
  • Extended sample recording time to the maximum length that can fit the sample memory
    • Around 133 seconds
  • Using Shift with the encoder makes bigger changes in parameter values
  • Added a third page of parameters on the Pattern editor with:
  • Beta Import Mod / Export As .it
    • This feature from Tracker 1.6 was brought back to life
  • Updated Config / “Line-in channel” parameter description
  • Info menu with Licenses page added to Config menu
  • Various cosmetic and functional UI improvements



  • (*) Old projects using Snap to zero = On might have their Start/End/Loop/Slice points in Sample Playback realigned by the new detection algorithm. This does not affect Wavetable and Granular engines.


  • Outdated Manual and Credits menus were removed from the Config menu


  1. Download and extract the .ptf firmware file on the downloads page.
  2. Copy the .ptf firmware file to your Tracker SD card > Firmware folder
  3. Optional: save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  4. Navigate to Config > Firmware > Update Firmware > .ptf file
  5. Press Select and confirm with Yes
  6. Navigate to File > create New Project to correctly initialize Config settings

Awesome :sunny:

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Why games won’t run since 1.7.1 and there’s been no mention of the issue whatsoever? 1.8 didn’t fix it.

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Wow, the inclusion of the name your pattern was extremely welcomed. My tracks are 6/7 mins long and I was getting a bit lost. Extra sample time is also much appreciated. It’s all working like a charm. Blessings to the Polyend Team. :heart:


Looking forward to giving it a test drive. Thanks.

it looks like Games not working was never really reported as a bug.
We would appreciate it if you could create a Bug report and provide details what the exact problem is. :blush:

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Love the dots under the “More”-option! 🩷
Nice touch…


Games work fine on my tracker.

Thank you, devs!! Works well! Also i have no probs with games on my tracker.


Granular mode is now much easier to work with.


Shift+Jog it’s awesome!
But I really dislike 3rd page of menu was added. It was fast and simple to use it for access to most necessary features like “invert” (use it all the time).
Now we have to scroll through it to go back to main page.
I guess pattern naming it’s nice improvement, but it could be placed somewhere on back-office.

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:heart_eyes: :love_you_gesture:t4: :love_you_gesture:t4:

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nice, but still no higher resolution for the sync-correction offset?

Hi @ms1 , thanks for your question. No, as the release notes say, this is not included in 1.8

ok, maybe 1.8.1 :slight_smile:

Be sure to do a backup before upgrading. When I restarted after the upgrade and used it for a while the SD card was corrupted.

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Plus one!
My SD-card is gone too…
Up there in SD-card heaven.

Mate, that’s horrid. I had a few sample files that where corrupted and looked exactly like the screen shot you uploaded.

Cause, I had messed up by using using a few German letters in my fille naming system, my own tired typos on the master computer, ie letters with umlaut. I renamed the naughty files and all was good.

This could me something entirely different in your case but you never know. Wishing you a swift solution.

Preach brother, that ugly grey rectangle with ‘more’ on was really twisting my Mellon man. :joy:

I hope the Sample Editor page gets some TLC because I hate how it flips from the page 1 to 2 and sweet fa goes on as you scroll down the destructive effects list. Aaaaaahhhhh😂