Sometimes samples don't play until end when Snap to zero = On

Bug Description

When I load particular samples on the polyend tracker mini in the Sample Loader, their unloaded preview (SD Card section on the left) is different from their loaded preview (Instruments section on the right). Sometimes the sample is cut short completely, while other times it seems to cut short for one audio channel.

UPDATE / “fix”: disabling zero-crossing in the settings fixed this, so it’s a zero-crossing issue.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Load the attached WAV samples on to an SD card.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Load the attached samples in the sample loader.
  4. Compare the preview from the card and the preview from the instrument pool. Compare the preview with zero-crossing on and off.


Not all files, but consistently for specific ones. All my files are PCM 16-bit WAV but differ in bitrate.

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Build: 492
    2nd pre-order batch, if that is at all worth noting.


tracker mini sample preview (683.3 KB)

  • “comparison.wav” compares the unloaded and loaded sound of two different kicks.
  • “Kick AboutNow 1.wav” appears to cut short in one channel. EDIT: it appears this sample is stereo.
  • “Kick Argon 2.wav” appears to cut short completely. EDIT: it appears this sample is mono.
  • “hihat fl maocna.wav” does not produce an issue, and is attached if a comparison might help.

As you mentioned it does indeed sound like the zero crossing bug that was also in 1.7 of the OG Tracker. I’m sure we will see a fix for the Mini soon. For the time being, just disable the setting - which as it seem you already found out :laughing:

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Hi @ds0 , as @Sandroid already explained, this is a known issue as it was already discussed in other topics on Backstage. But you’re the first one who officially logged it as Bug here. Thank you for logging it as we can track it here. I’ll update the title so others who experience it can find it more easily. The fix should be ready in next Tracker OG and Tracker Mini updates. We’ll inform you here. Thanks for your patience while we resolve this.


Hi, I am also experiencing this issue on the Mini. Samples in the sample loader only preview to about half of their actual play length. However, turning off snap to zero (which I assume is the zero crossing parameter?) has had no effect for me. Fortunately samples still preview fine in the sample playback page, so I can edit them properly there.

OG TRacker here, same issue :frowning:

@here I’m happy to inform that this bug was fixed with the 1.8.0 firmware update. :slight_smile:
Thank you for helping us improve the Tracker!

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