Tracker Mini 1.0.1 firmware update (release notes)

Hello Backstage,

this is the first update for Mini which brings several critical bug fixes and an improved Snap to zero feature, the prior snap to zero algorithm caused several issues with playback.


  • Improved Snap to zero algorithm with a higher threshold to detect zero crossings (1)



  • (1) Old projects using Snap to zero = On might have their Start/End/Loop/Slice points in Sample Playback realigned by the new detection algorithm. This does not affect Wavetable and Granular engines.
  • (2) Instrument Panning: L/R channels will be swapped compared to 1.0.0 release to match the behavior with the original Tracker.


  • When a pattern has any FX2 on Track 8 it can cause the cursor in the pattern editor to disappear temporarily and jump to Track 1. Workaround: use FX1 on Track 8 instead or use FX1/2 on any other track.


  1. Download and extract the firmware file
  2. Copy the .ptf firmware file to your Tracker SD card > Firmware folder
  3. Optionally before update: save your current project to avoid any potential data loss
  4. In Tracker navigate to Config > Firmware > Update Firmware > .ptf file
  5. Press Select and confirm with Yes
  6. After update: navigate to File > create New Project to correctly initialize Config settings

Trying the update now. Thanks for the continued support, as always. :slight_smile:


I have this issue of the disappearing cursor. As I try to be consistent in my use of columns, because of the performance tools, this is quite annoying. Had to go back to 1.0. please fix, this is no trivial matter to simply recommend a workaround.

Hi @rudi.tuescher , thanks for your comment and sorry for the inconvenience. We plan to include a fix in the next update and we ask for your patience until then. For now either use a workaround or stay on 1.0 as you said. Cheers

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Waiting for the track 8 fx2 fix, it’s really annoying and the workaround is not usable, as you must very well know. Now I have to switch between versions… Can someone be more specific about the l/r issue, please? Would switch channels on the mixer input be of use to the issue? Thank you, love your machines.

The release note explains it pretty exact. Panning of instruments was inverse to what would be expected behaviour to the original tracker. So everything that was left panned actually came out on the right and vice versa. With this change, the behaviour is aligned withh the original tracker.

The change was necessary for those (like me) that actually move projects between the Original Tracker and the Mini.