Cropping on import screen won´t crop

Bug Description

On sample loader when trying to crop a sample in import by moving start and end points won´t do anything to the sample.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Select a sample on sample loader
  2. Click Import
  3. Choose start and end points
  4. Click import low quality or import normal
  5. Check the sample and it´s same lenght as before



Found in

Version 1.0.0

Build 492


Same problem here, so it’s not just you.

Never had this situation before. Does it happen importing large and/or long files? Or it doesnt matter?

Hi @samuli.hyvonen , sorry you’re having issues with the Tracker and thanks for reporting it to us. We’ll try to include a fix in the next update. Cheers

hi !
i have the same issue, doesn’t matter if its a recorded sample (through the tracker)
or imported one (via sd card)

cropping works well afterwards via sample editor.
But not for samples that are too long btw…

Is this possibly related to issues with Snap to Zero?

Go to Config → Project Settings → Snap to Zero and turn that off and see if the issue still exists.

@here I’m glad to inform you that this bug was fixed in the Tracker Mini 1.0.1 firmware update :slight_smile: Thanks again for reporting it!


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