Very short samples (single cycle) might not play/loop when Snap To Zero=On

A few single cycle waveforms are acting erratically between firmware 1.6 and the new firmware 1.7.

Some will not loop, I have included two videos illustrating the behaviour and the project file.

1.7 - 2 out of 4 Single cycle waveforms not working

1.6 - All waveforms working

And the project:
SCWF (5.9 KB)

Hope this helps, and again thank you for all your hard work.

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Just noticed that when zero crossing is turned off in the config menu, all samples play normally in 1.7

So it must have something to do with how those particular samples are interacting with that feature.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction for a fix.

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Hi @reubenfinger , thank you for detailed bug report and additional information. This helps a lot to understand the issue you’re experiencing. We are analysing what’s wrong and will inform you when we find a solution.

Early explanation: the markers are snapped to zero points in instruments which don’t loop (you can see they are green). This literally means they are “snapped” to nearest zero point (within few milliseconds). And in this “edge” case, the whole sample is only few milliseconds long, so start and end point might have snapped to the same point in the sample and that’s why they don’t play/loop. This is my guess.

So while we look for solution I recommend not to use Snap to zero with very short samples and instead rely on setting the loop markers manually.

Anyway, I took the liberty to rename your bug report so others can more easily find it and understand what’s wrong if they are experiencing the same problem. Hope that OK, and please let me know if you disagree.