Tracker Mini first impressions

Is there a way to only show two columns of a track (like notes and instruments for example) so that you see all 8 tracks at once?
What is the button combo for that?


Yes there is! Check here:


Just to be clear, this was not a pre-order. Bought new from a very respected shop/trader, less than one week ago.

But I am very happy for your to accept flaws/faults and respect that.Certain companies wouldn’t have the decency to admit to such issues. I’ll not mention who they are due to integrity but TE have been shameless.

please post some pictures of your Mini’s.

To clarify right now all our orders are preorders from dealers or customers.

Hi Mitch.

If something hasn’t been released but is due in the future, I’d class that as a pre-order. But if a product is available to buy from an independent retailer/shop, it’s in stock, gets shipped and arrives in your hands the next day…that is most certainly not a ‘pre-order’.

@dixienarco2001 both meanings of “pre-order” can be true.

You are explaining what “pre-order” means to a buyer. Mitch was explaining what a “pre-order” means to a producer. If you check Estimated shipment of the Tracker Mini you will see that Polyend was indeed “In the scramble to get preorders out as fast as we could”. Even if you bought a Mini to a retailer on the spot in what wasn’t a pre-order for you, the retailer had that Mini available thanks to a pre-order they had with Polyend.

I hope this helps and we can move on with this detail. Semantics won’t fix hardware. :slight_smile:



Yeah, my phrasing was rather clunky.

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I received my Mini a few days ago, and first of all I want to underline, that Polyend’s communication is very good. The kept me informed all the time about the progress, and they are very friendly and quick with their replies. Thumbs up!
My first impressions of the Mini are very good overall. It is just a beautiful and fun to use instrument. Especially the way you operate the device is impressively well thought out. Having some pre-knowledge from the “big” Tracker, usually I can intuitively guess how things can be done with the existing buttons on the mini.
One thing that really bugs me, though, is that recording strangely is limited to mono. In a device that is capable of stereo playback for samples, this does not make any sense at all. And it does unnecessarily limit the use cases of the Tracker. Support told me that this is on their list, even though maybe not in the next update. I would really urge them to include it very soon, because I think it would make the Mini much more usable as far as sampling is concerned, and I would consider this to be an oversight from the beginning. But overall, this is work of beauty and dedication, and I am very happy with the instrument.


Hi, I have the mini and am loving it - is there a way to enter the notes in live mode without an external device? I don’t mean the actual note values, but just the timing, so even if all the notes were C5, I could get the timing right and then go back to edit the musical notes - does that make sense? it just makes it even more compact, and speeds up getting an idea down, cheers, Reg

Hey @ifield4862-2593, congrats on the Mini :partying_face:

There is a open wish for exactly that. Check this link: Live-Recording directly on the Mini

Thanks - I hadn’t seen that before. All the best

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Hey glad you love the tracker, and we are trying to put a lot of work into communication although we all have other primary jobs so thank you for recognizing it!

We want sampling in stereo in too so that will be coming in a future update for sure, not 100% if it will be in 1.1 but it will be on an early update for sure.


Thanks, Mitch. That’s great. And while you’re at it: rendering also sums the signal to mono, which is equally unfortunate …
Yeah, the love with which you do this, can be felt. So keep up the great work and enthusiasm!


aaactually :blush: … it doesn’t.

BUT there is a bug that when you render & load, that the sample is loaded in mono instead of stereo. If you load the rendered sample via the regular sample loader, it will load in stereo :laughing:

Check here:


Oh nice! Thanks for pointing that out …


Big caveat: hang on tight to the MIDI adapter the Mini came with. I tried sending midi directly over TRS to another device with a TRS input to no avail (though I think this is some unspoken thing that just doesn’t work between any two midi devices). I also tried sending the audio over a midi cable with two other adapters on either end with no success. Finally, I fished out the adapter the Mini actually came with from the box I dump all my adapters, and that worked just fine.

You probably bumped into the oh so fun TRS A/B issue. Polyend uses TRS B for their devices. And whatever device you were using is apparently using TRS A. This would require a TRS A/B Converter somwhere in the middle. For example like one of these:

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OMG, I hope the build quality is not as disastrous as the TE OP-Z over time.

My OP-Z literally destroyed itself in a couple of years until it became unusable.

I wonder if a protection for the case could help, but I guess no one has built any so far.

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I very, very much doubt the Mini will take the OP-Z’s crown! Mainly because TE used more ‘experimental’ materials. My personal long-held theory is that although those materials worked fine on their prototypes in Sweden, they don’t work so well in the mad humidity of Malaysia! Mine has only gotten worse over time. What really angers me is how TE keeps selling it knowing full well it’s problems.