Tracker Mini first impressions

Can you also double-check your firmware to make sure it is Mini 1.0? Everything renders in stereo for me so please follow Miro’s instructions if you continue to have this issue.

did you figure out what was the problem? The same happened to me :frowning:

I’m experiencing the same issues. Firmaware is 1.0.0, build 492. What are Miro’s instructions?

Mine is also firmware version 1.0.0 - build 492

Ok, figured something out here - seems like when I am doing “render & load” from render selection, it converts to mono - if I just render the selection and load the render from the sample loader, it saves in stereo. I usually do “render & load” to save the extra step.


Yeah i’ve noticed a couple things now that i’ve tried render selection. I’ll create bug reports:


Got mine today. Amazing device. Well done polyend!

Can’t wait whats more in store for the tracker mini ( simple fm synth :wink: )

Now back to making music :fire:


This is maybe the worst screen I have seen in ages! Body plastic collects fingerprints immediately. Looking for the return policy now.

It’s a pity how bad execution can ruin the great idea!

Polyend has assured to some YouTubers during NAMM that body material will never get sticky with time. I hope it is true !

I received my mini recently, and I’m very much enjoying the workflow. Still a lot to learn, but feels promising. One disappointment I have that others haven’t mentioned is the carrying case. It’s a fine case, but I’m kind of amazed there’s not a single pocket, or pouch, on it. Naturally, with a device like this you’re going to want to bring along a couple cords with you, so it seems obvious for the case to have a place for this, but there isn’t. Hopefully someone is able to recommend a fitting case in the future that can protect the mini, and also allow us to bring a few essential cords with us as well. It seems like the screen, and the case, are where Polyend decided to cut costs, which I understand, but yea. Other than that, I’m very pleased with the product.

Three videos coming in three sizes. From shorter to longer:

Hey Brian, Glad you are enjoying the mini. The case wasn’t a cost cutting choice, a bigger case is a relatively minor expense. However I think there are two schools - people that want cables in their case, and people that want the smallest case possible. I’m someone that wants the smallest case possible as I put the mini in a bigger bag with headphones, cables, etc. To add a pouch with cords might be okay, but how many people want headphones in that case as well? How many cables do you want to put in it? I think everyone would be a bit different so the best solution for us was to make a case just for the device.


Unfortunately, I’m finding it impossible to connect a midi controller to mine via USB. Nothing seems to work. Bit frustrating in the absence of pads.

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Hi Mitch,

That makes sense. Personally, I would like to have somewhere in the case to carry the charger, but that’s just my personal preference.


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Just got mine today, lovely piece of work. I’m new to trackers so I can’t offer much in the way of critique or reference, but things are going well with it and I’m figuring out the fastest way to lay things down. Viewing angle complaints hinge on staring at the tracker in more awkward angles so that can be overlooked imo.

One software flaw that I don’t really mind waiting on: my copy crashes when trying to run any of the included games after some period of time. And it’s true, the front of the device attracts fingerprints. Third-party gear accessory manufacturers, use this niche opportunity.

Very, very disappointed. I’d go so far to say that the unit I have is beyond poor in terms of built quality. I’d love to see some close-up shots of your units, please post for comparisons.

The bulging back is so pronounced that the four tiny feet don’t even touch down.

The huge amount of transport required for the buttons was a poor design choice, and the buttons do feel rather on the cheap side.

Their is a gap on the LHS of the screen (not on the RHS), perfect for collecting the elements!

The bottom of the screen also has a very wonky gap.

The top row of buttons…oh man, press one and you’ll see the others move as well.

The seam that runs around the side and holds the two sections together is completely out of alignment, one side over-hanging, and the opposite for the other side/edge.

On the plus side, the silky material it’s coated may be a fingerprint addict, but it feels wonderful. The screen is also nice and sharp. The sweet spot for the viewing angle is not flat on but at a slight tilt. It really does feel comfortable, and a sensible design choice when using on a flat surface.

Is this your experience of the Mini?

Sorry that you’re Mini came in this condition. In the scramble to get preorders out as fast as we could, we had a small batch slip through QC that we were not happy about and did not meet our build standards. If you have build quality issues please contact and we will help you out.