Render Selection - "Render & Load" loads monophonically instead of stereo

Bug Description

When rendering a selection of steps and then pressing Render & Load, the created sample will load monophonically instead of in stereo.

The sample itself is rendered in stereo however.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Use the supplied project: (48.7 KB)
  2. Render a selection of the 1st and 2nd track, these are specifically hard panned left and right
  3. Press Render & Load
  4. Check Waveform in the Sample Loader or Sample Playback




Go to the Sample Loader and load the sample once more, to load it in stereo.

Found in

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Build: 492

Attachments (48.7 KB)

Hi @Sandroid , thanks for the report. This one was already fixed actually and will be ready in the next release!


Awesome! Thank you so much! :heart: