Tracker Mini 1.1 - Render Selection only records left channel?

Hi all, bought the Mini immediately after the 1.1 firmware announcement. And I must say…what an incredible and fun device.

Anyway, quick question: when I render a selection from a pattern (e.g. to free up full automation lanes), Mini only seems to record the left channel. Any stereo/right channel sound is absent in the rendered sample. Am I missing something…a setting maybe? Thanks.

Hey @miniTrax, welcome to Backstage! :partying_face:

Are you using Render & Load ? Or are you rendering and then loading seperately?

There was a known issue that Render & Load loads the samples just in Mono eventhough they get recorded in stereo. The workaround was to render to disk and then load them via the Sample Loader. I don’t remember at the top of my head if this was fixed or not.

Hah, looks like i reported this bug a while ago and forgot about it:

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Thanks for the reply. Was indeed using render & load. Will try render only, shortly.

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Confirmed: only happens with render & load. Btw it’s not monophonic, it’s the left channel only.

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