Tracker Mini first impressions

This topic is all about sharing first impressions after using the tracker-mini for the first time. Also unboxing, reviews, first jams…

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Released minutes ago:


See @liamwestwood95’s first impressions on Message #884 by liamwestwood95 – #General.


Don’t miss the samples breakdown.


Same, got mine yesterday as well. It feels really nice, and while I haven’t had a great deal of time to spend with it yet I don’t seem to miss the jog wheel. The size is great!

Mine arrived yesterday. Loving it so far.

The only thing I don’t like is the screen. Hope someone will come up with an OLED mod at some point as the viewing angle is quite small on this one.

Also, is there a way to preview notes when on the keyboard screen, as in hear what the note would sound like?

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Hello there. So my Tracker Mini just arrived. I ordered early in the morning on day two of the preorder (#19999).
The problem: The Right Channel on the Line output is completely dead. Tried three different Overear Headphones and two stereo cables directly to my soundcard. I also restarted the device, just in case. I checked Audio over USB which is working. But of course this is unacceptable to me.
So I suggest to everyone to thoroughly check every function regarding the hardware. I have just filed a technical issue with Polyend, so I have no answer yet of course.

Live in a few hours: 2023-08-24T00:00:00Z

Agreed - the screen is a bit of a disappointment - particularly for old eyes like mine. I have found the best settings to be the “new” font at medium brightness. They can be changed via the configuration settings.

Like …

Workflow - it gets intuitive pretty quickly even if you are new to trackers,
Ergonomics - the button layout is well thought out.
Sampling - really easy to use and microphone better than expected
Manual - a pretty good printed “Essentials” guide and a very detailed full PDF manual.
Accessories - good case and high quality cables & charger

Not sure …

Cover material - the device is covered in a smooth matt soft plastic finish. It feels really nice now but I wonder if it will degrade over time? Fingerprints show up very badly.
Position of input / output sockets on lower edge of device. These get in the way when using hand held.

Dislike …

Screen - text is small and not very clear
Bits - 16 and not 24 like every other sound device I own
File access - Can’t access files on PC without physical transfer of memory card

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Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Might look into OLED solutions at some point.

I received my Tracker Mini yesterday and am already really loving it but I do have one question/concern, hopefully someone here can answer:

I know stereo samples are supported, and the line in supports stereo, but I can’t seem to record into the TM without it being converted to mono. I find this very strange and can’t seem to find settings to address it. Any guidance?

The recorded samples via Line-In are currently converted to mono. Pass-Through is stereo. This is most likely because the current firmware is based on the original Tracker.

I’m guessing there is probably a good chance that this might change somewhere down the line. But there is no official info about this yet. Fingers crossed, it’s still early days :crossed_fingers: :blush:

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Thanks for that response. I was curious about this as well, but wasn’t sure if my mind was missing something.

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Thanks - sure hope that it does get fixed. I also noticed that rendering tracks from patterns converts to mono too, which seems to kinda make stereo samples much less viable here. It’s a great machine otherwise, this just seems like a real problem to me

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Rendered tracks from patterns should be in stereo, they do work with rendered selections. We’ll look into this and if it is a bug we will fix it. As for the mono sampling input, the tracker mini only samples the Line In in mono as of 1.0, but we’ll have a firmware update to allow for stereo-in sampling.


I can check tonight and if neccessary create bug reports for them. :heart:

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That’s good to hear! Patterns are definitely rendering in mono for me. Not sure about exporting stems, haven’t tried that yet.

@youngestbrothermusic Sorry you’re experiencing these issues with rendering. Could you please log a Bug and attach the problematic project (just zip the project folder) + trackerConfig file from the root of your SD card. This way we can deliver the fix to you as fast as possible. Thank you!