Tracker-Mini viewing all 8 tracks?

Hi, really happy user of the Tracker-Mini, the transition from the OG Tracker to the Mini is almost flawless and its way easier to compose with it than I initially thought it would be! :sweat_smile:

I’m wondering if there is a shortcut similar to the OG Tracker that makes it possible to get a view of all 8 tracks at the same time?

Hey @jim.hammarberg glad you are enjoying the Mini.

Yes there is - as long as your Fn1 Button is set to Pattern. Then it’s:

  • Fn1 + Note (and if you want, combine it with Instr or FX1 / FX2)
  • To return to regular view, just pres Fn1 again.

Fantastic! Thank you!
I realised its probably in the manual but everything from the get go has been so intuitive coming from the OG Tracker that I haven’t opened it once!

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