Reimplementation of mod and .it support

Reimplementing the .mod and .it support, that has been dropped in update 1.7

What is the problem?

Removing a useful feature.

What do you want to achieve?


Compatibility with MOD files allows you to import and finish tracks from back-in-the-days or export and finalize them in modern software trackers.

Are there any workarounds?

Rollback to Firmware 1.6

Any links to related discussions?

See comments before and after: Tracker 1.7 firmware update is available - #23 by Mitch

Any references to other products?

Tracker Firmware 1.6


yes please!

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What’s the point of expressing a wish as instructed, when it stays as a draft?

Hi @shoved , you can read about how Wishlist is processed here:

Thanks for your patience and contribution so far!

This removal locks those of us who use the feature out of receiving any other bug fixes and should never have happened.


@here Thanks for your wish. It’s now ready for voting :slight_smile:


Just posting to say I bought a Tracker today specifically for this feature and am disappointed to now learn that it was dropped from the OS.


This was also not a small part of why I bought the Tracker, please don’t drop this feature without providing an alternate route to achieve the same functionality.

If it’s really not feasible to keep it in the hardware, at least provide some kind of software conversion tool to allow offline conversion between old-school tracker formats and the Tracker’s project format.

It would also be useful to keep a partial version of the functionality, such as allowing inspection and importing of a .mod and .it file’s samples into a Tracker project.


ripping is lame :wink:

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A bad importer is still better than nothing. I guess nobody here is expecting that the imported mod file sounds exactly like on an Amiga. Just show a warning dialog on the first import, so nobody can complain. :wink:

Alternatively, please document the Tracker’s project file format. Maybe there will be enthusiastic developers who write an external converter tool for that purpose?

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Pleased to bump this, because I’ve only just realized this feature loss today after updating.
I understand the constraints and shortfalls of the system as it was. However, I partially purchased the PT in the first place with the intention of creating efficient scripted music in tracker formats for use in Unity for videogames.

If it only exports in PCM now since 1.7, that…feels like a big shame, and something where although I enjoy the workflow of the unit, really critically impacts my long-term use-case for the device. I don’t see why the feature can’t be retained, with an appropriately strong ‘CAUTION!’ attached during the export flow, given the caveats involved. I’ve likely missed conversation on this point, but nonetheless.

I want to work with the limitations and idiosyncrasies to create outcomes for incidental environmental music I wouldn’t otherwise end up producing. Cutting this feature is a substantial blow even given the inherent jankyness, because that was part of the point for me.
I was just starting to fall in love with the interface, but unless there’s support in Unity APIs for .pt which I’ve not come across, from my perspective this feels like a missing limb of the featureset which really only constrains creative potential across formats.

+1 for this; as new owner of a mini, I can’t even roll back to 1.6…

I actually freed up a vote for this. I’ve no need for this feature but it might be handy for remixing purposes. Seems like a feature that really belongs on this product for competitive reasons as well.


I have a huge tracker music collection, even some of my own, which was intended to use as a sequence sources. For example, to remix some works from past by assigning some hardware synth on midi channel instead of samples. Or by using my tracker music collection as a great sample or instrument library, which was like the music was done at that time. I really dreamed in past to have a device which can play and edit tracker music and can be portable. The closest thing to that dreams is the polyend mini tracker.
So the main reason i wanted this polyend tracker device was the possibility of classic tracker music import / export option. Which was sadly dropped in the latest firmwares, but nevetheless is still highlighted as a feature on the main site and even described in mini tracker manual! If you don’t want to support it by yourself then make a firmware opensourced or please return your advertised classic mod import / export option in future firmware updates.


I bought the Tracker specifically for this feature. I use Renoise and would perform my final edit/rendering in Renoise, including replacing instruments, but this feature was removed. I’m very disappointed, especially since the product page still advertises this as a core feature of the Tracker. I can understand removing the import feature, but exporting to a format that can still be edited in Renoise or other tracker software makes this device far more useful to me. I would like to see this reimplemented as well.




Yay, Mod import is back in firmware 1.8.0. :grinning: :tada:

I just gave it a try. The quality of the imported mods has improved a lot IMHO. Even complex mods with difficult effects sound great. It’s still not perfect compared to the good old Amiga, but I like it! :wink:

Thank you for bringing back this useful feature!


@here Yes, I’d like to confirm that .mod and .it are back in the 1.8.0 update! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and contribution!


i tested…but not satisfy , very bad import…bad sound quality…why…?

Could you upload the .mod file in question? I am curious what you mean by bad import and sound quality.

Keep in mind, that this is a “best effort” import. Since not all commands/parameters of a .mod file have an equivalent command/parameter on the tracker.

I feel like my .mod files (which were created on the Amiga/Protracker) for the most part work really well actually. What was your .mod file created in?