Tracker Mini Firmware 1.1

New Firmware on Mini out now. Adds important features including stereo sampling via the line-in and increasing the sample recording time as well as a load of bug fixes and small UI improvements. If you are reading this wondering “Where is the OG Tracker update?” - It will be soon! Waiting for a couple final bug fixes.
Download it here.



  • Added a third page of parameters on the Pattern editor with:
  • Stereo sample improvements:
    • Sample Recorder - Line in source recording in stereo
    • Sample Loader - stereo samples from SD card previewed in stereo
    • Sample Loader - Import mode in stereo
    • Updated Config - “Line in channel” parameter description
  • Sample recording time has been extended to the maximum length that can fit the sample memory
    • Around 700 seconds for mono and 350 seconds for stereo samples
  • Preview of samples from SD card added to USB Audio master channel
  • Metronome added to USB Audio master channel
  • Improved internal clock accuracy
  • Adds Beta Import Mod / Export As .it as it worked in Tracker 1.6
  • Various cosmetic and functional UI improvements



Stereo sampling through the line in is so very welcome! Any chance of being able to sample audio in over USB-C in the future?

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Did you leave a vote here? :wink:

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Looks like mods imported and saved as projects do not retain the instruments

Really? I’ve used this on so many tracks as a feature! Please put it in the config page. This was not a mistake for us users. When you don’t want that behaviour, then you had the choice of fade, Off, cut, what I did. That was great, not to be “fixed”. Or did I misunderstand something here?

I think you misunderstood the bug. If you switch to a blank pattern then playback stays the same, could be worded better but this bug causes the previous pattern to play back completely not just the loops.

  • Adds Beta Import Mod / Export As .it as it worked in Tracker 1.6

As the release notes say, and also as it’s noted in the user manual, this feature is in beta and might not always work correctly. We wanted to bring it back as we had many user requests to do so, but at this moment we don’t plan to improve or fix it further, it remains as it worked in Tracker 1.6 release.

I am aware of that; the fact that the feature is beta means “don’t report issues”?

I never tried the feature, so I tried it and found that problem; was not expecting it would work flawless, just made you aware that it does not work when you save a mod as native project as you lose all the instruments.

This is not an improvement request, is a failure of a MVP basic condition (saving the converted mod file). At this point if you don’t plan to fix this, then remove the “export” word from the feature, so users are aware that you can just load mods but can’t export them as native projects.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Please don’t hesitate to report any issues you find as Bug or simple comment and we will try to analyse, answer and fix each one of them. I simply wanted to reply to your comment and be clear and transparent on the status of this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting this conversation so more users are aware of it.


Thanks for the updated OS clearly a lot of work has gone in to it and appreciated.
As a musician, working with and within the idiosyncratic limitations of my instrument, in this case the Mini, I welcome the improvements.
Fab machine.


Thanks; and BTW I was not being sarcastic or anything; was just pointing out an issue and didn’t even know we can file bugs.
I will get a ticket ready; can I grab logs somehow from the device? Cheers!

Hi @theshinyknight , there is no logs on the device you could grab. Here is info How to report bugs .
But once again, just to be clear, we do not plan to invest more effort into “import / export mod” feature at this time. Thanks again for your interest.

Thank you,

Then if I got the memo right, that means that filing a ticket is just a waste of my time, as nobody will look into it then. Maybe you will revise the decision to not invest into mod conversion, or will release your file format specs, so others can make their own tools instead, if the device can’t do it (personally 80% of my interest for the device is due to the fact that I want to work with my Amiga mod files and expand them).



Have a Mini again. I like it better then the Play+ and i cant own both.
In the meantime a firmware update and its like a new machine :slight_smile:
Really happy with the track- and patternnaming
And ofcourse now stereopreviews which i really was missing
Plus i think im just going to do quick stereorecordings now instead of popping out the card everytime.
Thank you team!

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