How to report bugs

Report bugs you encounter in Polyend products.

The rules are simple

  • First check if the bug is reproducible with the latest firmware version.
  • Always search for duplicate bug reports first: if you find already existing report of the same issue, make a comment, especially if you have additional information about it
  • To report a new bug simply add + New Topic in Bug category and fully complete the template provided
  • Don’t report multiple problems in one topic: instead create a separate bug report for each
  • Always attach samples or projects which reproduced the issue, but also audio and video recordings or pictures which clearly show the problem. This helps us analyse and fix the bug faster, because it saves a lot of time in back and forth communication when trying to understand the problem.

Thank you!

With your support we’ll try to improve our products and deliver the best possible experience for all the music makers and dreamers of the dreams out there :face_with_peeking_eye: