Live recoding doesn't record piano roll properly

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Bug Description

Using piano roll and live record, notes are not registered properly on the tracks

Reproduction Steps

  1. Select one track
  2. Open piano roll
  3. Live recoding active
  4. Play
  5. Start playing


*bug is reproducible always

Found in

1.0.1 build 1405 Play+


never mind… my originally proposed solution doesn’t help with your device. Sorry. :slight_smile:

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That’s a Tracker post, we’re talking about the Play+

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Oh my… yes, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t be posting when tired. :slight_smile:


I re-uploaded the video because it seems it had some issues, so now you can watch it.

@pineal Thank you for reporting this bug. However, everything seems fine. The tracks are monophonic. According to the video you were holding two notes at the same time and the recorder won’t record any new steps unless you let go of the previous one.
Try selecting a second Track and the notes that weren’t recorded should land there.

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Wow! I didn’t know that. I tried and it’s working now! Many thanks! :pray: