Perform Remix [Track x] + Turn (Jog)

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Screen from documentation - Polyend-Tracker-Manual-1.7.0.

[Track x] + Turn (Jog) option doesn’t work this way.
It immediately load a new pattern, so it works like [Track x] +[Up] or [Down]

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So… not a bug, but a error in the documentation, yes?

Haha, I do not know.
The feature in docu described as it is would be nice.
Jumping with live remix mode between more than one pattern (because with jog it will happen) sounds like a… It’s discussable.

Anyway, I have no idea where is a bug, whether in software or in docu.

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Let me update this topic a little.

Default MIDI CC assignments for Performance Mode Tracks change described in manual (page 245) work precisely like [Track x] + Turn (Jog) option described in the same manual.
What is the reason of different behaviour between MIDI controller and Jog controller?
I think the bug is in software.

Hi @pitmast, thank you for bringing this to our attention, the user manual is incorrect here. The jog switches patterns immediately, it always has been like that. We’ll update the manual accordingly.

Thanks again for the support and for making our products better! :slight_smile:

Hi @Hans
Thank you for your answer.
You know, I’m wonder who use the jog to switch patterns immediately.
Absolutely nobody, I’m pretty sure.

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