High-pitched noise when recording Mic with medium Display Brightness

Bug Description

When i want to record something with the built-in mic of the tracker mini, there is a high pitch sound. It gets worse when i up the gain level. Therefore every recording with the mic is useless.

Reproduction Steps

Head to sample recorder and select mic. Add some gain and you can hear the high pitch sound.

I only have my headphones attached and no power supply attached to it.



Found in

Version : 1.0.0

Hi @KrisG , sorry about the issue you’re experiencing. Could you attach the recording so we hear the example of the issue? Thank you for reporting this

Testfiles.zip (275.9 KB)

Hello @miropoly, of course! Thank you for your message.
There are 2 files inside. One without gain, the other one is with 40 Gain. When add more gain, the pitched high tone sound gets louder.

I just ticked with my finger near the mic.

Hi @KrisG, It sounds like a hardware issue.
We can exchange your unit.
Please fill out an RMA application found here: https://polyend.com/rma-application-form/
I will take it from there.

Hello @borsuk,

Will do when im at home. Thank you. :+1:t2:

Done :ok_hand:

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New info about this issue: please read solution here: Tracker Mini high-pitched noise when sampling - #3 by Sandroid

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@here I’m glad to inform you that this bug was fixed in the Tracker Mini 1.1 firmware update :slight_smile: Let us know if you’re happy with the solution, and thanks again for your support! :slight_smile:

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