Sample Looping (loop points)

Setting up sample playback to loop. In this mode: ‘‘Sample Start and Sample End’’ become ‘‘Loop Start and Loop End’’ parameters.

What is the problem?

Often / if not always during the heat of a session the need to sustain, create OSCs, add tails or get creative via the samplist core tool of choice: ala loopoints is wanted

What do you want to achieve?

Looping Sample playback to create sustained sounds, OSCs, sample tails, etc, while composing.

Please note the number of loop repeats is of great value due to the Play’s gate triggering of samples.

It would be great if there could be different envelope flavors:

  • Envelope behavior LoopON = retriggers the envelope (loop) = Amp Attack and Decay = Crossfade looping
  • Envelope behavior LooP#X = Envelope is applied to the set length (as determined by X/numer of loops) Amp Attack and Decay = normal

Are there any workarounds?

This is something that usually strikes in the moment yet one can bounce waves externaly for editing and back into play.

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

All samplers can do this, from the Emax up until the Polyend Tracker.

Products that can do this that are not samplers are for example Jomox Xbase 999 and up, Roland TR8s & TR6s, Elektron Model Samples, Volca Samples…


You can set the sample start and end points. Does this constitute the loop points? What exactly are you missing? It is not clear in the current description.

Also, can you specify products offering this feature?

By the way, the Play is not aiming to be a sampler, I think?

No … it does not constitude a loop …
the description is clear: creating OSCs, sustaining sounds, creating tails and just being creative in general. and this is filed under: ‘’ draftwishes /play ‘’ if I am not mistaken

@UnReAl I’m just trying to help getting your wish ready for review by the Polyend team. Right now I’m not sure their quality criteria are met. See Writing a good feature request.

For me, this is not a clear description.

Can you name specific products, please?

I also wonder whether any of these wishes is related:

Yes thanks for your help, please understand that I am too trying to aid in making the Play a better product.

Now this is a rather simple topic (as I am assure the brilliant polyend team
behind these wonderfull instruments are fully aware of what a loop within a sample is (they create this in their own tracker…

  • OSC is an oscillator as ‘‘generally’’ in a looping waveform single cycle in terms of basic sample waveforms.

  • Tail length is a loop at the end of a sample … Please see the new Akai MPC tail length parameter

  • You may use this to sustain a sound by using short pingpong (or crossfade) in a Ride or a vox, bass sample or w@ever…

here’s a perfect example of a bassdrum turned into an OSC

Now I don’t really have the rime to go through all things achievable in creative ways rhythmical or as FX on how you can use loops in a sample …

two very good points for an instrument like play would be
loop on ‘‘note off’’ and number of repeats …
but thin I am hit with this:

but honestly due to its internal clockworks the play may not be set up for this …so I will addapt the topic
to Sample playback settings …

As reference to products: all samplers can do this;
from the Emax up untill the Polyned tracker …
I do not need to make a list for the blindly obvious,…

products that can do this that are not samplers are for example:
Jomox xbase 999 and up
Roland TR8s & Tr6s
electron Modal samples
Vocla samples …

Kind regards!

ps I cant edit the topic titel . to disinclude loopints as the play will likely not do this withn a sample but this could be added as a playback mode

distantily related wish, but for midi:

The device surely needs more ways to create sustained sounds.


@here Thanks for your contribution, unfortunately this wish doesn’t fit our design direction for this product.

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