Sample pitch-shifting

What is the problem?

Play acts as old school samplers when you change the pitch as samples go longer or shorter. With melodic sample, as soon as the pitch goes too far up or down, it’s no more musical (in a traditional way).

What do you want to achieve?

Pitch-shifting, preserving the length of the sample as it changes its pitch. This would make the melodic sounds more natural.

Are there any workarounds?


Any references to other products?

Akai Mpc, Elektron Octatrack, 1010music Blackbox, Bitbox Micro (modular), Elektron Model Samples


@mosfranbis welcome to Backstage. I believe what you are asking for is time-stretching for the Play, and this wish was already declined: Basic Time Stretching for the Play.

Can you confirm whether you mean this or something different, please?

see also:

(unfortunately, declined)

Hello. This post was talking about time stretching, I guess the person wanted phrases or loop to match the tempo of the project. My wish was concerning pitch-shifting. That means that whatever the note you are playing, the sample will keep the same length.
Thank you

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Yes, ok, I assume the technology behind time-stretching and time-shifting is basically the same but a) what do I know :slight_smile: and b) the other wish was declined because the play doesn’t have a sample editor while this wouldn’t be needed for pitch-shifting keeping the length of the original sample.

Let’s see what the Polyend team says.

Fingers crossed. Thank you for your message

Can you or someone else contribute some examples, please?

Hello Icaria36. I’ve edited my post

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@mosfranbis thank for contributing to our Wishlist. As others have indicated, without a Sample Editor “non-real-time” sample editing isn’t possible and we cannot allow this in “real-time” either due to technical limitations. Best regards

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