Basic Time Stretching for the Play

While Play’s mission is mainly as a sample based groove box, the absence of basic sample time stretching prevents it from being a tool to create full songs on.

What is the problem?

Samples selected from the SD need to be at the same project tempo to sound ‘right’. If the user decides to adjust the tempo during the creative process, it becomes even trickier to get elements working together.

What do you want to achieve?

A basic time-stretch capability for imported samples would allow more creative possibilities without overlapping with what the Tracker does. Time rather than pitch adjustments, when required (not real time as this would be processor hungry)

Are there any workarounds?

Yes, spend a lot of time preparing all possible samples on a computer so that they are at a specific tempo, then hope your project tempo stays constant :slight_smile:

Any links to related discussions?


Any references to other products?

SP404 mk2, Tracker, MPC Live, 1010Music BlackBox, etc


This is a nice wish for the Play… i also own a 1010 Music BlackBox and the timestraching feature is very very powerful and enables a whole new workflow, allowing more computer-less work.


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@scerifforosso You can add it to the “Any references to other products?” section and contribute this way to this request.


Didn’t realize i could edit other people’s wiki post, thanks for the heads up! done!


Hi @Ohsomacho, thanks for interesting contribution. Unfortunately, since Play does not have a Sample Editor which would allow for “non-real-time” sample editing like time stretching, we feel this is a step which goes away from the design direction we would like to keep for Play: which is, like name suggests, playability and simplicity of the UI. Therefore we have to decline this wish, sorry.


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