Sample slicing mode

What is the problem?

There is currently no sample slicing feature available on Play. A drum loop for example will play through the whole sample length when triggered by an active step

What do you want to achieve?

A sample slice mode, which allows a user to slice up a sample and assign slice’s to the Play’s steps

Are there any workarounds?

You can edit the start/end time of a sample, but this is a complete inefficient and laborious task to edit the start/end time of every step the loop is used on.

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Polyend Tracker, MPC Live, Circuit Rhythm, NI Maschine, Sonicware SmplTrek


@here thanks for contributing! The wish is open for voting :slight_smile:


how do we vote?

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See the button next to the number of votes at the top left of this page. Everyone has 10 votes that can be used to support #wishlist wishes.

This would of been super helpful in my last track Deep Sea Jungle : Ambient DnB Featuring the Polyend Play [official Music Video] - YouTube