Sample slicing mode

Trying to visualize how slicing would work on the Play, but I don’t get it (…yet). As it doesn’t have playable pads like some of the mentioned references (MPC, Maschine, Circuit), I don’t see how a ‘typical’ slicing mode (slice to pads) would work.

A basic sample editor I can see: cropping, normalizing, looping, fade-in and out.

Or is setting multiple starting / cue points per sample what you’re after? Like the Elektron Digitakt slice machine? That I can see, so the randomizer could pick / jump through a sample to those given points or predefined beat grids. Or you can ‘quick select’ saved starting / cue points while programming a step.

This all could be part of a basic sample editor: set cue point or marker (SP-404mk2 before slice-to-pads action).

A workaround option for the latter could be to copy / paste a tweaked step including a specific starting point. Still working with the same loaded sample, instead of multiple smaller ones inside your project.

I guess a bit like the digitakt would work as you say. a slice grid. it would mean not having to pre-slice all your drum breaks on a computer before importing them.
grab a break, slice grid. go.

it would be epic imo.

Yeah I imagine it could be done Digitakt style like, either to a slice grid, or auto slice at transients.
The way the Play users folders for it’s algorithms is also important here, so I imagine when slicing a sample it is sliced to it’s own folder, the user is able to select which slice to play by holding the pad and selecting the slice number for that sample, obviously slice would also be an option under chance/action for Random Slice and Random Slice under the randomiser function.

The slice folder comes into it’s own, whereby using the Random slice function can then take random slices from either the immediate sliced sample or all the various sliced samples in the slice folders, this would be such a cool feature, especially when it’s used with the Nuke, Duke Nuke algorithms, can imagine some wild loops being created with this.


Hey @Mitch, totally understand you guys can’t reveal what is going to make it onto the next firmware update as things are subject to change, can we at least get some idea or hint if sample slicing is going to make it onto the Play in the near future though :pray: :wink: