Playplus project template for using loops

Hi everyone :wave:

i’ve made a Play+ project which can be used to slice up loops and sync them.
In pattern 1 there are 3 tracks:

  • Track 1 is for 64 step loops
  • Track 2 is for 32 step loops
  • Track 3 is for 16 step loops

The included loops are from Polyend Tracker Scenes found from the official website. They are just there to simplify the setup and meant to be replaced with your own loops/material.

I hope this project simplifies working with loops in projects for people and provides a nice starting point.

To exchange a loop:

  • select one of the 3 tracks (depending on the length of your sampleloop)
  • and select your own sample (which you must have loaded first of course :wink:)
  • then you can change and play all the parameters except Sample Start.

Don’t set the Sample End on each single step, so if you just use a part of the loop (not all steps) and leave some steps blank on the track, the sampleloop will play to the end or till the next step in this track is activated.

I hope i explained this well enough. Else feel free to ask :blush:

Download the Project here: (2.6 MB)