Applying the perform mode's effects permanently

What is the problem?

Sometimes you just mess with the Perform mode and find that sound that you want to have in your next progression’s step/pattern, but you can’t have it right away. Instead, you need to twist the knobs trying to find that relevant setting, even though the performance pads are the shortcuts to the same settings already.

What do you want to achieve?

The ability to permanently apply all the currently selected perform FXs to a pattern. For example, with perform + save shortcut. After all, most of the performance FXs are like shortcuts/presets to the already available knobs tweaks.

Are there any workarounds?

Leaving the Perform mode and searching for all the tweaks manually.

Any links to related discussions?

The similar feature we all want that should be seriously discussed more in new threads:

Any references to other products?


This sounds like a very interesting concept. If i got it right it would be like “saving” the current perform mode settings into a pattern… would you want this feature to override the existing pattern knob settings or automatically create a new pattern with the current perfromance settings? Personally i would not like it to overwrite the current ones i had before entering in performance mode, but i’d rather prefer the play to create a new “copy” of everything applying the performance values on top… what do you think?


do you mean creating a copied pattern right next to the current one?

If I get it right, it will help a lot in a composing workflow, because you could always jump in the patterns view and then switch back and forth between a newly created and the unaffected one. No preparation work, no manual backups! And if so, I had it in mind too. All in all, I guess it could be an interesting feature maybe even worth a separate wish: the ability to save all the unsaved/modified state to the next pattern without overwriting. But it may easily be 2-in-1 here.

I always prefer the global options for all the features, because who knows how folks would love to use these tricks in their workflow.

I guess, it could even save the modified sequences in the variations, too. Personally, I think variations are way too powerful and underestimated. I’d prefer the option “create a new variation + make a new pattern”. Being in the new pattern you could make smooth progressions by changing variations one by one.


Yes, variations could be a very nice option to save the new settings to as well…
If this draft wish is promoted to a wish status, it has my vote for sure! :slight_smile:


I made other wishes that could allow user to save changes in new pattern/variation slots on the fly. It’s a strict wish system here, so you cannot wish two things at the same time, even if they’re strongly related. You may want to “heart” them or add something, so they won’t seem unneeded.

Save all the changes into another pattern and build up progressions without backup copies
Save all the changes as variations


how about this one?

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See also this one:

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Do you think Generate new patterns in Performance mode covers the same wish that you have for the Play, just for the Tracker? If so, we could wait to see how that review goes and then, if successful, copy the same text for a Play version of the same wish.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Tracker to decide. These are separate wishes for different devices to just copypaste something, I guess. Also, why is this text any worse? The wish seems to be pretty straight-forward and had some support here (almost the same thing, but without declined idea of automations). That one was published more than 2 weeks ago.

It’s up to you. In case it’s the same concept, maybe that thread should be named “Generate new patterns in Performance mode for Tracker and Play”?

Thank you! I’m moving this to the comments to keep the wish simple.


@icaria36 thank you for editing and all the good stuff :slight_smile:

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@here thanks for contributing! Wish is open for voting :slight_smile:


Even though having this wish implemented would definitely improve some workflow aspects, it makes me think once in a while how cool it would be to have an actual automation lane for the perform mode. Sure, it was declined and closed:

but, damn, it would add insane amount of value to the device. It’s ironic that PO-33 or actually any Pocket Operator have the ability to automate fx lanes and cost like 10x less. Is it really-really impossible to make the device «remember» what performance buttons should be automatically «pressed» at given time?


This woud be so great to have !!! I would love this on my OG Tracker :smiley:

So this wish is not for Tracker Mini and OG?
It should be

O no, i prefer


I just got a play and was searching for how to do this!

So vote added.


:two_hearts:got me a Play plus bumpedeebump!

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happy to say, I sold my device mainly because this feature was ignored, as well as many other wishes that have many votes for that seem to do nothing after all. the most significant bummer is heavily related and was posted before I started this thread as a compromise:

with these two things implemented (this thread + the one above) it would be an instant buy, even if the newer Play+ that seems to have a lot of bugs and still misses a lot of features, whatever.


This would essentially be Polyend Tracker take on Elektron’s Ctrl+All feature where you can apply changes to a pattern on the fly across all or several tracks. This sure gets my vote!

Oops, just realized that this is for the Play, not the Tracker.

play+ rules. join us :alien: