Recording automation in Perform mode

What is the problem?

You can do crazy stuff with the Perform mode, but you cannot record it as an automation (and do more crazy stuff on top?).

What do you want to achieve?

Have some sort of automation lanes for those beautiful performance pads. Preferably, those lanes should be bound to the perform pads themselves, but not the settings these pads adjust, because they may become editable later and it would be a bit more flexible option for player.

Are there any workarounds?


Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

Teenage Engineering PO-33 or any PO, actually.


I guess, many Play users would love to have some sort of automation lanes for those beautiful performance pads. That’s it.

Heavy plus one! That would let us record our live performances to different patterns or variations, which could then be exported via stems for post production, which would be awesome - or just to find great performance effects which wouldn’t rely on our live timing.

I know you can dial in some of the performance effects in step mode, but having it be live recorded is quite different, and it would let you use the global dj loop/skip effect, which as far as I am aware can’t be dialled in via the step sequencer.

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“then be exported via stems for post production, which would be awesome”, yes will be truly awesome.


The comment on Variation/pattern randomizer on the Play - #10 by icaria36 applies here too. Please focus on one feature at a time. Also focus on the problem you want to solve, and leave the implementation details of potential solution to the Polyend team if they accept the wish and eventually commit to it.

You can edit this wish to focus on one feature, and then create others if you want. Or we can archive this topic and start fresh with a new one. What do you prefer?

@icaria36 done.

by the way, everyone can edit wishes, right? unfortunately, I don’t have that much time doing this all alone.

Yes, everyone can edit wishes… and because this is voluntary work, anyone can choose to do other things instead. :slight_smile:

The “What do you want to achieve” section should describe what you want to do as a user. Record an entire performance? Imagine that the user has a 16-step pattern, and performs 20 minutes with the same loop. What is the expectation from the user point of view?

I thought the feature and its function is self-explanotory. Probably, the easiest to grasp from all of the latest ones. At least, some good folks above have their ideas of how it can be used. Player could:

  • create alternative variations of the same pattern, so he/she could just switch between them and avoid using the perform mode the all manual way
  • use more effects in timely manner (just for the sake of an example, no way player can activate 5 different effects for different tracks without such automation)
  • apply effects to some tracks and then play with notes and sequences on top of these lanes
  • just jam with these lanes and have fun however he or she wants

If the feedback is not appreciated and no one really needs it, maybe I’ll try that too.

Now that I see Applying the perform mode's effects permanently I realize that the questions I was asking in my previous comment probably belong there and not here.

Since automation lanes are a no-go, we need to go whether this wish stands a chance or we should focus on the other one.

Now I don’t get it. These are two very different wishes.

This one:

Player hold some effect pad for one second while recording, just the way he could record knobs. When the affected sequence starts all over again, the same effect applied automatically on top of the previously selected tracks for the same one second.

That one:

Player pressed some effects’ pads, so the effects are applied to the whole track. Let’s say, it’s a changed note +1. Player applies the effect and user have all the notes permanently changed, so he can even see that by selecting some specific pad. Nothing is automated, but applied.
Player also can enter perform mode and apply the same thing. In the perform mode player won’t see anything applied previously, because it’s already in the sequence.
Long workaround: finding a specific setting and change it with the knob, because in the end of the day all the perform FXs are kinda presets for the knobs changes (except for the loop FX).

In this wish (recording automation in perform mode) the idea is to make Play press the perform buttons for player in time. So, it’s about calling a function, not what its function does (in terms of code, if its easier to understand). And both of these features could have their place.

This could be just recorded with live rec and that could be applied by some shortcut like perform + save.

@here thanks for the contribution, but unfortunately this one is not possible due to technical reasons.


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