Record performance mode as pattern

ths may have been covered already if so i couldn’t find it. is there no way record in performance mode as a pattern? as far as i can tell there is no way to “live record” in “performance mode” and then recall that performance as a pattern other than recording on an external device if this is the case will such an action be available on a future update

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unfortunetely such feature was declined, even though it would make the device a banger:

I thought it’s possible when I upgraded from little PO-33 that allows to record any fxs in realtime, but it wasn’t the case despite the huge gap in their pricetags.

the following wish could be the workaround, but it’s not that popular:

last, but not least, you may want to vote here too (the button on the left from the headline), but it’s not the same, not even close:

it’s just about saving/baking-in one performance state per pattern.

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How do you vote?

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Go to the wish topic and click the box with the number of votes on the top left corner. Everyone can vote up to 10 wishes.