Alternate Note Entry Mode

What is the problem?

Currently (as of Mini Firmware 1.0.0), the only way to add Notes is by using the +/- Buttons on the Tracker Mini. This wish proposes an alternate input method that could be used for note entry.

What do you want to achieve?

Add an additional entry mode that could maybe make note entry more natural and quicker.
This could be achieved by using the 8 screen keys to display a chromatic keyboard and using the Shift key as a modifier to show the sharps. See the mockups provided below (thanks to @SeanMichaelJohnston for these):

  • Octave switching could still be done by using the big +/- keys.
  • The smaller +/- keys could be used to switch between different musical scales.
  • To activate/deactivate this mode, Shift + Note could be pressed.
  • Pressing this combo once would activate this mode.
  • Pressing the combo again would deactivate it.

It appears that the Shift + Note Key-combination is currently not occupied by any other functionality.

:information_source: Your help is appreciated:
If anyone has a suggestion or a better idea on how to map the existing hardware keys,
please leave a comment :heart:

Are there any workarounds?

  • Use the existing +/- keys
  • Hold the Note Button and choose from the list

Any links to related discussions?

Any references to other products?

This doesn’t exist yet, but:


That’s a pretty loaded wish :laughing:

Help me clarify some stuff and let me set some ground rules.

This seems to me like a wish for a hardware accessory? Yes?

Polyend has expressed before that wishes should be related to firmware/software. As in: wishes that can improve the existing product as it is. So any wishes regarding hardware accessories are probably not going to be accepted (but duly noted / acknowledged :wink:).

So it would probably make more sense to gear this wish torwards a way to improve the Mini, with its current layout and how we could possibly have a note entry mode, using the existing keys.

Here’s a suggestion: How about a Note Entry Mode, that uses:

  • The 8 screen keys and the 4 +/- keys to give you 12 notes.
  • The D-Pads :arrow_up: and :arrow_down: keys for octave switching?

There might be a better way to map a full (chromatic) octave range onto the mini’s keys.

Or if you enforce a musical scale, the 8 screen keys, actually might be enough (atleast for the traditional western scales).


My apologies. I feel kind of silly now. I didn’t think of submitting this as a wish until miropoly enouraged it on another thread. He might have been joking but anyway…I by no means mean to throw him under the proverbial bus, but I thought it was worth a try although I am aware that it’s a huge change/ask, as it’s a hardware change.

I think I’m going to delete this wish and redo it later. I LOVE the idea of using the screen keys as 8 pads/chromatic notes in a “note editing mode” as you say. Awesome idea. That would definitely help. I love this device so much, it just kills me that I can’t play my chopped samples properly.

It’s all good :heart: , no need to apologize at all. Just wanted to make sure we are on the same page. :blush:

If you want i can change this request to reflect the idea of the screen keys?


If you could change it, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

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And done. Feel free to edit anything that may seem out of wack :laughing:

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Maybe if there was a special note entry mode, it could look like this, using +&- for octaves, and then holding SHIFT could switch to the sharps? And maybe it could be programmable to different scales?


Oooh :astonished: i like that for chromatic note entry! Nice one!
Hope it’s ok if i use that in the proposal?



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I’ll wait with sending this in for review to possibly collect some more feedback.
But i really like where this is going :heart:

This is great, thanks so much! I really appreciate it. Much better than I could have written it :rofl: And @SeanMichaelJohnston = thanks so much for jumping in on this topic and creating the images, they look perfect! :raised_hands:t3: Also a bonus that this would help with the scale feature that other people have brought up. Nice!

I’m going to give it some more thought. Not a huge deal but the only thing I’d mention off the top of my head is that if there is a Shift function (like for showing the sharps), that it be a one press toggle perhaps (or at least the option for it to be a toggle)? As in, I’m afraid that if you have to hold Shift, it will again hinder the “live” playing of the notes if that makes sense?

I’d be so happy if we could get something like this done… :crossed_fingers:t3:


Yeah i think the Shift modifier should have an option for those that want to:

  • latch it
  • hold it

I personally am in the “hold it” camp :laughing:

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Yeah, it’ll definitely be a compromise either way.
Like, would we be able enter a chord, and if so, how would we enter D major( D - F# - A)?

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Yeah i don’t think chord entry should be a focus here, i think that’s a area we definitely will have to accept defeat :laughing:

I agree, haha

I like this idea a lot! If I understand correctly, pressing and holding the green Note key would show the notes right above the 8 screen keys, instead of the current full screen note selector? And sharps would be Note + Shift + Screen key? A three button combo might be challenging, but I could see it work.

Actually i wouldn’t change the current behaviour of Note.

But i have a suggestion:

  • Press Shift + Note to activate the alternative mode, which then stays active
  • Press Shift + Note again, to deactivate

This combo is currently not mapped to anything, so it wouldn’t interfere with any existing functionality.

I’ve updated the wish to add this activation/deactivation mechanism. Unless somebody has another suggestion that might improve on that.


This sounds good to me. Makes most sense.


Yes please. This is another ‘Yes’ vote for something like this. :+1:


If this could also work in live recording mode it would cover my previous wish beautifully

(Live-Recording directly on the Mini)