Mini MIDI Keyboard

This is an idea I have been working on for the Tracker Mini.
The Mod lever doubles as a sustain when pushed.
Octave lever resets when pushed.
Any feedback from this community is appreciated.


Really cool Idea, can see a lot of addons popping up like this. I would like to see some form of dock station for my OG Tracker so a single connector to get it running with my synth setup.

That is an awesome idea! Keep us up to date where this is heading!

Question: Did you create the Tracker Mini Model yourself? If so, would you be willing to share it with the community? I like to do realtime projections and would love to play with that model! :heart:

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Maybe ask Polyend too. I did a dirty projection mapped Tracker Mini in my video, however they have helped with giving me models for my 3D visuals before.

It’s just a best guess, since I don’t have it yet, but sure.
Here’s a link - polyend – Google Drive

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Awesome! Thank you so much :heart:
If i make any changes (for precision) i’ll let you know and feed them back to you. :blush:

Very cool idea! Let us know how things progress.

Awesome idea.
I will just add my own critique if I was to consider buying this.

There is too much space between the bottom of the tracker mini and the keyboard. I would like to see the sliders/buttons that are taking up space moved to the side of the device, so that it’s not so tall. Just my own feelings.

Good luck with making this!

Thanks for the critique - that’s exactly the feedback I’m looking for. : )

My initial idea was actually the very close to that, but then physics kinda got in the way once I started adding in all the components.
Also see below for how TINY this thing really is. That’s a Roku remote and a vintage Casio VL10.

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I think a version without Modwheel and Pitch could be interesting as well. Possibly replace the Octave with two push buttons and if you could place them cleverly you might be able to shrink down the overall height of the module.

Based on how easy it is to edit notes on the Tracker and to add Modulation and Pitch FX, i think they could easily be omitted. On the OG Tracker we didn’t have them either, but the speed at which you can enter notes with the pads was the advantage. And i see this product filling that gap.

Very cool design. I’m surprised no one has asked to swap the keys out for grid pads yet!

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i mean… we are waiting for you to provide that (including a mini jogwheel) :smirk:

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Could the keyboard keys go on top and the mod/pitch/oct sliders go at the bottom?

That way the fingers can get to the keys without having that gap of space to cross over.

I’m excited for this - I always want a mini keyboard for experimenting ideas on any portable gear, so this looks perfect for that. I would have a Roland S-1 close by for that purpose.

@sean-7707 did have a question, what is that male jack to pcb component. would like to get my hand on some of those :slight_smile:


Yep - that’l be next :wink:

Interesting idea - swapping the layout for more thumb-friendly action.
Unfortunately the 4 I/O plugs would get in the way of the keys.

Great idea!
and some good examples

the smartest “micro keyboard” I’ve seen on a portable hardware sequencer is the one on the Yamaha QY

Look at this beauty…

2 octaves, quite playable (the rubber coating was very nice)
All sorts of complex chords can be programmed very easily :sunglasses:

There was even the option of doing pitchbend/modulation by pressing the upper/lower octave pads while playing! :grin:
(the only drawback is that the silk-screen printing on the pads tends to fade over time)

A piece of equipment designed for musicians on the move…
Years later, I’m happy to see that, with the Tracker Mini, a brand is finally taking an interest in this type of use.

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I did not expect the QY70 coming out in this discussion :laughing:

Let me tell you! I went through sooo many AA Batteries with that thing (six at a time) back in the days, it was nuts!
Still own it and it still holds a special place in my :heart: