USB MIDI unavailable (possible host/client issue or Android 13)

I’ve recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S23 as my aging OnePlus 7 is starting to fail me :cry: .
Seeing as there were multiple reports of USB MIDI connection issues with Android, i obviously went ahead and tested the Galaxy S23 as well and i have some findings to report :wink:. First off, some details.

Oneplus 7:

Samsung Galaxy S23:

Other Details

  • I have also tried various other cables and connection variants including hubs and adapters, with the same outcome.

Bug Description

USB MIDI is not available/working on the Samsung Galaxy S23.
After some testing, i think it’s because the Mini tries to stay the USB Host and doesn’t allow the Galaxy to set itself as the USB Host.

This is how it appears after connecting the device via USB:

When attempting to switch Host to the Device the following happens:

Reproduction Steps

  1. If neccessary enable Developer mode on Android
  2. Download Midi Keyboard App
  3. Change USB Default Configuration in the Developer Menu to MIDI
  4. Connect Mini via USB to the Phone
  5. Tracker Mini should show up but it doesn’t.



Found in

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Build: 492


I’m not sure if this is caused by a change between Android 12 and 13, or because the Galaxy tries to be in Host mode and the Oneplus doesn’t

But seeing that Samsung devices are among the most popular Android devices, this should probably be adressed, if possible.

As always, i’m open to any questions or if further tests or information is required, i’ll provide them to the best of my abilities. :heart:

I am having this issue with iOS and can’t get external keyboards to work, but figured it was me.

Have you had a look here?

Had no issue’s so far myself with iOS/OSX, just had to make sure to use the right cord there.
Android and iOS definitely behave completely differently. :laughing:

@Sandroid Sorry that you’re having issues with your phone and Mini. I believe this feature is not officially documented and we do not test it internally. There are just too many mobile phone configurations out there to support all cases. Therefore, I will close the bug report as we will not invest in fixing it, sorry about this one. On the bright side, we are looking of ways to improve the Note input functionality for Mini.

No worries, for me personally it’s not a big deal, since i use actual midi gear instead of phones. But i figured i’d open a bug report since this has come up a couple times in various discussions here on the forum as well as on the discord.

So it’s more about having a detailed post that we can refer to in the future.

I totally understand that. The Android ecosystem is way too fragemented to support it consistently :woozy_face: .

If this comes up more in the future, i might start a post with a list of devices that work and the ones we know do not.

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