Tracker Mini - couple of questions

So, I didn’t click with the Play/+ workflow when it came to writing tracks, I used to have the OG Tracker and enjoyed that, so thinking of trying the Tracker Mini.

But before I jump head first, I just need some clarification, 1st in regards to usb midi support, I’ve read a few topics with folk having difficulty getting usb midi to work via the usb c connection, what is the score here? does it work? I have an Akai LPK25 Wireless which is battery powered, so doesn’t need to be powered by the tracker usb c connection, will a usb b to usb c cable work? I don’t want to have to spend any more money on a portable keyboard just to use 5pin midi din.

2nd, are the synth engines going to make it onto the Tracker Mini?

Hey @troxx , i’ll try to answer your questions:

Status: it’s complicated, see:

There is even someone attempting to use the exact keyboard you mention to no avail.

Current consensus seems to be:

  • USB MIDI works directly for newer iPads/iPhones and some Android devices
  • USB MIDI can generally be achieved by using a USB Host in between (for example: Kenton Midi USB Host).
  • Use TRS MIDI if you don’t want any headache

There is an open wish that is ready to accept votes for synths to make its way to the Mini:

Considering that Polyend has approved this wish, i’d say chance are pretty good?


Thanks for the clarification mate @Sandroid
Ahh cool, cos the synth engines sound great in the Play+

Do we know if it is the way usb c midi is implemented in the PTM or is this a limitation of the usb c architecture?

As pretty much most 25 key midi keyboards are usb midi based that you’d think this would be non issue when connecting the two via a usb b to usb c cable.

Are Polyend able to recommend a small portable keyboard that works via usb midi?