Anyone using external controller to play the Tracker mini

Since the Mini doesn’t have the grid, what are people using to control it?

Are there any favorites?

Any epic fails?

I am interested to hear who has been using what and how?

I personally use an Arturia Minilab 3, it’s pretty compact and you have plenty of knobs/faders and pads you can assign if you feel like it, for performance mode or synth mode.

Only downside, you have to power it seperately, but nothing a powerbank can’t fix.

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Same here. I’m looking for a small (super minimal) midi keyboard I can use for triggering notes and samples.

PREFERABLY I do not want to have to power it separately. I don’t know if this is even possible/exists? I was looking at the Korg Nanokey2. Does anyone know if using the Apple Camera Connection kit between the Nanokey2 would work power-wise?

I couldn’t get the nano key to run with the mini. I was trying with a usb-c to usb mini cable.

Do I have to use a camera link adapter to make it work?

Is the Tracker Mini not a USB host?

The problem is that the Mini does not provide power as far as i know. So if your connected device requires power delivery, it won’t work.

Not sure if this is something that can be adressed in a future firmware or not.

I tried to send MIDI cc from my Beatstep to the TM, but it doesn’t work. Here is my new post.

Sure something is wrong, but what ?

I think the camera connection kit MIGHT work? I used mine with a MIDI controller app on my iPhone and it works great! I would still prefer to not use my phone though…if anyone has a camera connection kit and a nanokey2, I’d LOVE to hear if it works? Haha.

I am not sure why this doesn’t work… powered by battery, usb into the mini, and the mini is set to usb in all channels…thoughts?

My best guess? Most likely a cable/adaptor issue. A direct USB C to B cable would probably be preferable (yes they exist).

Doesn’t work via usb but works amazing with TRS. Needs a switch cable, because the Oxi One is trs a…

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I’m pretty sure that the problem comes from your adaptor if it’s what I think : an Apple USB C to USB A adapter. It’s only for iPad or iPhone.

Is there a list of adapters which work?

Still no luck trying to get your LPK Wireless working?

I have run thru a series of adapters and cables nothing works. Nanokey2 and MPK mini also don’t work.

Maybe the is an issue with USB host, which would need to be set in the handshake to let the devices know the TrackerMini is using the devices as a peripherals. This would then also affect the MPK mini and nanokey because they would receive power from the TrackerMini.

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Yes they do… but not helping my cause…

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Bummer. Sigh. This device is so great. I’m enjoying the crap out of it, I just REALLY REALLY wish they implemented some kind of (even rudimentary) keyboard or pads for basic sample playing / note triggering. I’m giving up for now (will have to just use my phone for the time being). I asked a gear guy at Perfect Circuit and here’s what he said:

“Unfortunately, I can’t think of many simple options that will work. While the Tracker Mini can connect to a computer over USB for midi it does not have a built in USB midi host so I don’t think it will work with either of the options you mentioned (Korg Nanokey Studio and Akai LPK Wireless). I think you would need a battery powered controller with a 5 pin midi output or an external USB midi host to interface the usb midi output of a keyboard. Another option might be getting usb power bank and something like the Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 which has midi on TRS. You would be able to connect the Launchkey to the Tracker Mini via TRS minijacks and a single 3.5 TRS cable and finding a powerbank that could power the Launchkey shouldnt be too difficult or expensive. Hope this helps!”

Again, you can hook stuff up but it defeats the point of spending a premium amount on a handheld/standalone device (I don’t want to deal with power banks, adapters and more cables and crap to the point where I’m forced to work at a desk - then I might as well go back to just using my MPC).

Anyway…early days, I really hope someone comes up with something…:crossed_fingers:t3:

Honestly i don’t see the issue with a powerbank. You could always use one of them barrel style powerbanks. Like these:

That eliminates the need for a additional cable. And all you need instead is a DIN ↔ TRS or a TRS ↔ TRS cable and you are good. Plus you’ll have some extra charge with ya for when the Mini is running low.

Of course that is only a feasible solution if your keyboard has MIDI.

Mmmmmmm. This is not a bad idea. I didn’t know something like this existed. I’m going to investigate. Thank you!

Sure but i am using a powered interface over usb and it is not working. Is not really about other ways to make it work. It should work that is a software issue. UNLESS it is me and this is a user issue… I have a great answer my OXI One… dont know it it is fair to throw a $700 tool in the mix.

I think your initial thought about it being a host/client handshake issue may be spot on. I’ve encountered something similar while testing two Android phones: