Using Midi Controller (Arturia Beatstep) with the Tracker Mini

I’ve another issue with the Midi connection of the Tracker Mini :hot_face:

One of the most exciting features of the Tracker (Mini or not) is the performance mode. But isn’t easy ont the TM alone !
So I decided to connect my TM to my Beatstep : it’s a very usefull an simple Midi Controller. Parameters are easy to save.

I wanted to test only with the Performance Effect Tracks Pattern Select : select or unselect the tracks where I want to add effects : Midi CC from 41 to 48.
I use the Jack midi in of the TM and jack midi out of the Beatstep. They both are “Type B”, so no problem to connect them together.

In the TM MIDI parameters :

  • CC in : MIDI In jack
  • CC in channel : 15
    I think that it’s enough, isn’t it ?

In the Beatstep parameters (throw MIDI Control Center, the Arturia software) :

  • On the pad n°1 : Mode : switched Option : Toggle Channel : 15 CC Number : 41
  • On the pad n°2 : Mode : switched Option : Toggle Channel : 15 CC Number : 42
  • On the pad n°3 : Mode : switched Option : Toggle Channel : 15 CC Number : 43
  • etc…
    I forced “global Channel” to 15

When they are both connected, there are no reaction on the TM :cold_sweat:

Is there something that I’m doing bad ?
Have you any experience with the Arturia Beatstep ?

Thanks a lot


When I connect the Beatstep to AUM on my iPad (throw a USB hub) and the TM too (with the MIDI in jack, not the USB port due to this issue, it works “quite” good. Quite because the knobs are OK : value are changing in the performance effect but when I activate a pad (i.e. pad 1 for track 1,…), the track label doesn’t into red as it does when I push the corresponding button directly on the TM. THe result is just changing the pattern number from 1 to 128. I thing it’s due to the value’s panel of the pad in the Arturia software, from 0 to 127.

So, I’ve to continue investigating, but it’s better than before.

I’m glad you made some progress. Sadly i don’t have a Beatstep and can’t help you on your quest. But i wish you good luck adventurer! :crossed_swords:

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Maybe try CC in channel ALL on the Tracker?

I have my FaderFox EC4 connected directly to the Tracker Mini with a TRS cable and it works correctly without much setup, just set the CC in and correct channel.

CC 41-48 on the Tracker will change the Tracks pattern, so that sounds like the intended behavior.

AFAIK, there is no way to select which tracks are processed by the FX using MIDI CCs, you need to press one of the 8 track buttons on the Tracker itself to select the track.

If you’d like to vote for the consideration of the inclusion of a MIDI keyboard or pads to the Tracker Mini, please chime in here: Built-in MIDI keys/pads for the Tracker Mini