Anyone using external controller to play the Tracker mini

Hi , what do you mean by a ‘switch cable ‘ ? Thanks a lot .

A switch cable is:

How to use a stereo cable to go from MIDI TRS A to B

a TRS to TRS cable, which internally the wiring is TRS to TSR…

image a stereo cable which when you plug it in flips r/l to l/r.

got it…thanks a lot

If you can solder it is an easy cable to make.

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Submit a Wishlist ? :wink:

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Got one made up from :+1:t2:


I’d love to but can’t apparently. My account doesn’t have access/the ability to post in the wishlist thread? The option to create a new note on there is greyed out for me?

@Pizza2047 please read How this Wishlist works :slight_smile:

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Apologies, thanks for the link. I’ve posted my draft! Built-in MIDI keys/pads for the Tracker Mini

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I’ve been eyeing a Roland S-1 as a compact battery-powered MIDI controller for my Mini. Hopefully just one single TRS-MIDI cable between the two, and nothing else. Would be great if the S-1’s knobs could also control some of the Mini’s parameters, but that might be too much to wish for.

Anyone using this setup by any chance?

you need a type a to type b cable as the s1 is type a and the mini is type b


Come to think about it, both have USB MIDI. Maybe the S-1 could both send and receive MIDI, so you could also use it as a sound source into the Mini. But controlling the Mini is the main intention.

Midi connections are really messy on the TM !
All I need, in my case, is to connect my Beatstep to the Tracker Mini. The easiest way is thru the Midi In port of the TM and the Midi out port of the BeatStep, but it doesn’t work, as I said in a precedent post.
Si, I tried several scenarii on connections : direct connections or thru iPad or Android Phone, using midi USB or midi jack,…
Here is a Google spreadsheet of all I tested : Tracker Mini - MIDI connexions - Google Tabellen

As you can see, it only works when the iPad is connected, with or without AUM app.All Midi USB connexions failed, except 1 (thru iPad again), but the sound goes thru the USB port (and I don’t know to force sound going out from the Line Out).

Just for precision all my cable works great in other circumstances :wink:

If you want to, you can add lines in this spreadsheet with issues you met. Perhaps I could be usable to add more rows too.

I’m using an OP-Z for entering notes on the TM, but I’m doing this via 3.5mm TRS MIDI (not USB MIDI, which seems generally problematic with everything I try).

As there is a TRS MIDI A and B difference between the TM and the OP-Z, I neatly butchered a 3.5mm cable so that the left and right channel switch over. This means that I don’t need an adapter and the setup stays more compact.

However, sometimes it seems that I can’t enter note data from the OP-Z by dropping notes into steps (as opposed to live recording), but I’ve not had the TM long enough to be sure what’s going on here. On my original tracker, using the keyboard pads I could always drop notes in to the step sequencer.

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you need to have the TM in record mode and either set the step to “n” for how many step to jump. If you set the steps to “0” you track through.

Are you using the OPLab module for the midi communication?

Hiya, yeah I have had an original Tracker since 2020 and know how that works with the number of steps to jump, but entering notes using the pads-keyboard instead of a midi keyboard, but with the TM and a midi keyboard it doesn’t work the same. You can’t drop notes in like you can with the original Tracker standalone. With the TM in record mode I have a red cursor and the notes sound when I play, but they aren’t input into the sequence.

I don’t think I’m explaining myself very well though! I’ll have another go with it tonight and maybe make a video to show what I mean.

Yeah I’m using the “Line” module for the OPZ, which also does midi.

yeah, I think the frustration is there is no USB midi answer to TRS-midi so people can use passive controllers.

I will try my OP-Z + Line with the TM this evening. See if I have issues too.

I have an op-Z too, with the oplab (the yellow one). It does work with trs cable via midi in of the TM, same canzl of course.

Okay I’ll attempt to explain it better.

With a sequence playing press record so that you have a red stationary cursor and the screen stops scrolling, (but the sequence is still running).

Now use your MIDI keyboard to drop a note wherever want in your sequence. When I try this I hear the note play as I trigger it on my OPZ and the step jump takes me to the next correct step, but… no note is actually entered into the sequence, despite being in record.

It seems that with a MIDI keyboard I can only enter notes if either the sequencer isn’t playing, or I’m in live record mode, where you play in time with your sequence.

With the original Tracker using the inbuilt keyboard I can press record on a playing sequence and just drop notes into the sequence wherever I like, by scrolling to the step I want and pressing whatever key I want to use.

I guess this must be a bug. I never used a MIDI keyboard with my original Tracker, but I wonder if the behaviour will be the same with that.

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I can confirm this happening on the original Tracker. When the sequence is running and you enter record mode, notes get added when using the Tracker’s pads, but from a MIDI keyboard the note entry somehow stops. First few are successful, after that they won’t register, although the track steps to the next available line.